On Tap Insurance Data Services

Insurance Data Migrations (IDM) purpose is to deliver practical and cost effective data solutions to the insurance industry. IDM are flexible in the way we do business depending on the methods most appropriate to your company's needs.  We like our clients to see us as an additional hands-on resource;

"Our service bridges the gap between the significant overheads larger consultancies charge and the traditional contractor resourcing" Managing Director, Paul Johnson

Your company may only require IDM's expertise for a particular part of your project, but no matter how big or small the challenge we will work seamlessly with your staff. We offer a no obligation free consultancyfrom which we can provide you with a written quote and full proposal. This will outline our recommendations and proposed strategy in light of your data challenges.

Flexible Insurance Data Services

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Fixed Price or Daily Rate

In order to save you time and ultimately money IDM can either work on a fixed price or daily rate basis.

We are comfortable working on site and are also technically equipped to work remotely from our head office based in Chelmsford, Essex.  

Project by Project or Outsourcing

We can manage the following data services for you on a project by project basis or take on component parts. We can also act as a consultant providing project expertise, support and training to your team.

Alternatively, you may wish to outsource some of your data requirements to us on a more formal contract basis.

The process begins with a diagnostic visit to identify and prioritize your company's needs and objectives;

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Quality
  • Migration Testing
  • Reconciliation
  • Bespoke Design & Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Project Recovery
  • Training
  • Management Reporting

Contractor Resources & Expertise

IDM are able to supply professionals who exactly match your requirements, providing an extremely competitive priced solution. Our commitment to specialise in offering data solutions within the insurance industry gives us an excellent understanding of your technical requirements. We can therefore provide the right consultants at the right time with the right expertise.

IDM'S experience gives us access to a wide network of good personnel covering a host of different roles including:

  • Migration Consultants
  • Application Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Systems Analysts
  • Data Quality Analysts
  • Testers
  • MI Reporting Analysts

Customised Data Migration Training

Training can be provided to your IT staff and business experts in running a data migration. This transfer of knowledge and expertise can be carried out on the job throughout the first migration and will include detailed instructions and best practice on key areas such as; data migration planning, data analysis/profiling, mapping, cleansing, building the migration routines and testing procedures. Then if you so wish your staff can implement future data migrations with the help of our off site support and consulting services.