Technical Skills & Data Security

Insurance Data Migrations (IDM) have experience over a wide range of technologies and have successfully managed data migrations across almost every major type of insurance system on the market.

In addition to numerous bespoke Insurance Systems IDM have also migrated to or from the following - to name but a few of the most popular Insurance Systems we have experience on.

  • SSP (Sirius, Pure)
  • Open GI
  • Misys
  • Grapevine
  • SSP Electra
  • Policy Master
  • MCS
  • CDL Cheshire Data
  • Websure S2000
  • Acturis
  • BDX
  • Watertrace
  • Transactor
  • ACT
  • TIA 

If you have a legacy system which is no longer supported, then the chances are IDM will be able to use its specialist knowledge in this area to migrate the data you require. IDM use a variety of techniques to extract data from legacy systems, from writing bespoke legacy programs to capturing data electronically through printer ports and more recently using AI robotics.

Some examples of the different technologies we use include:

  • Oracle Platforms - IDM have expertise in both extracting and loading data into Oracle systems. We have used all of the different versions of Oracle and also have experience in many of the Oracle utilities used to port data to and from Oracle systems.
  • Microsoft Technologies -  Advanced SQL, Whether you need to transfer data into a SQL Server database or need to extract data from an MS Access database IDM can help. We have written many migration modules in T-SQL, .net (C# and VB), VB6, VBA, DTS and VBScript. IDM have also used the very latest technologies such as CLR’s (Common Language Routines) and SSIS (Sql Server Integration Services) to extract and transform data. help. We also use Python Technology  for example to extract data from unstructured spreadsheets and documents.
  • BI / MI Reporting Technologies – We also specialise in maximising the value of insurance data, and handling huge volumes of data using data warehouse technologies (ETL concepts) such as oracle platform, SSIS, etc. and developing insightful insurance dashboards using various data visualisation tools such as SQL SSRS, Tableau, Qlickview and PowerBI.
  • Unix File Systems - IDM have over 25 twenty years of experience on Unix platforms, with specialist knowledge of Unix shell scripting and file systems.
  • COBOL / DIBOL / DBL – IDM have specialist expertise in extracting data from COBOL and DIBOLl / DBL Isam file structures. IDM also have experience of developing and supporting COBOL and DIBOL / DBL systems. 
  • In addition to relational databases IDM can also migrate ISAM file structures, documents, either from recognised word processors such as MS Word or text editors, spreadsheets and text files etc.
  • Web Application Development Full Stack -  With expertise in (PHP, NET development stack (ASP.NET MVC5, C#, WCF / WebAPI, F#, SQL Server 2014/16, Unity, Entity, JavaScript, HTML5 / CSS3, MSTest), combined with a number of open-source technologies and JavaScript libraries (KnockoutJS, Bootstrap, FakeItEasy, OAuth, Git, Moq). we have developed various Cloud and server based data Solutions.
  • XML Messaging - including the use of recognised Insurance Acord Standards to transfer data between systems to the required format. 

 In continuing on with the company’s managed growth IDMs strategic initiative has been to appoint key professionals with insurance knowledge and expertise.

Data Security

IDM know that protecting your data is essential for safeguarding your company’s reputation as well as satisfying your on-going regulatory compliance requirements whether it be FCA, Solvency II, SOX, DPA, PCI DSS or ISO 27001.

Comprehensive Security Procedures

data protection target.jpg

Each insurance data project carried out by Insurance Data Migrations is supported by comprehensive security procedures which include encryption and user identification technologies in all our storage and back up environments. This manages our risk and ensures all valuable and sensitive data is kept safe from corruption and that access to it is suitably controlled and ensures we comply with data protection and privacy regulations.


Regulatory Compliance

Insurance data migration projects will, inevitably, contain data that is sensitive to your organisation and your customers. Our team of data migration experts have experience in complying with insurance industry specific level regulatory regimes giving you assurance that your data migration project will be delivered securely and there is a comprehensive audit trail

IDM can work with your Data Governance and Compliance Teams to provide all the evidence and artefacts necessary to prove ongoing data compliance throughout the project.  IDM have also worked with FCA auditors on behalf of clients to demonstrate compliance and best practice.

Recently, IDM showed and explained to regulators the procedures of an ELTO reconciliation project IDM had carried out for a Leading Lloyds Insurer where our practices successfully met their criteria in ensuring the data used was both accurate and consistent.