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Proven Data Migration Options

In order to drive sales, brokers need quality data to provide a personalised service. Your accumulated data is a key asset and an invaluable resource which can all be integrated and/or migrated to upgrade your software systems. It can enable you to encourage loyalty, advocacy and also identify new opportunities to build your business with reporting tools to gain insight and make sense of your data.

Broker Data Migration

Quality Data can Save you Time and Money

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Many brokers feel they are stuck with their legacy systems because they cannot transfer all of their data, with software houses telling them at best they can only migrate names and addresses— such a loss of data will affect your companies’ ability to drive sales and gain business insight. IDM can turn that on its head for a fraction of the cost— migrating what you want from client records down to policy and risk information, through to accounts and documents into the target system.

Some large brokers have acquired or merged with other brokers and thus inherited multiple policy administration systems. IDM can help you consolidate your data to streamline your systems and decommission old legacy systems. IDM have successfully carried out data migrations for stand alone brokers and for large broker networks. Case Studies

  • Save on licensing costs and time required to support different systems. 
  • Help create a single client view, improving customer retention & cross selling opportunities.
  • Ultimately improve the efficiency of business processes and success of the business.

A further challenge facing brokers when changing systems is seamlessly migrating EDI policies. Incorrect transformation of these will in effect restart these policies on the new system. IDMs proven techniques can migrate EDI policies so that the policy can continue to be processed on the new system.

Broker Data Quality

Improve Data Governance, Customer Communication and the Quality of Bordereaux to Insurers

Poor quality data can cost your business time and money and cause frustration for your customers and your insurers.

For instance;

  • Are you sending information to insurers and not getting feedback on the quality of this information? 
  • Or after working on a system for many years do you know where you data lacks quality?  i.e. poor quality addresses, duplicates etc.
The IDM approach will provide you with an initial data quality assessment and then will work with you to develop a data strategy with a clear road map for ongoing data governance. Inclusive, will be immediate data fixes on your existing data and then helping you develop future processes to ensure that the quality of your data is maintained.
Ongoing monitoring is critical to drive continuous improvement in data quality. Dashboards and exception reports will identify and regularly inform you on key areas where data quality is failing i.e. inconsistent user input errors. This will allow you to review and maintain the quality of your data to ensure the integrity of your systems, therefore maximising your return from marketing activities and assisting with regulatory compliance.

Broker System / Data Integration

Automate or Streamline the Management of Data

IDM's Integration Modules can Improve the Efficiency, Accuracy and Productivity of Business Processes

Do you have data records that need to be integrated with other data sets in another system? IDM have experience in working with many different data types including;  Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, Legacy databases such as COBOL and DIBOL etc. We can successfully import these formats into new databases in the correct format.

IDM's Bespoke Integration Modules will perform faster than the generic modules available on the market in populating your databases. Our insurance knowledge and experience should give you piece of mind that we will maintain and ensure the accuracy and integrity of your data.

Integration Solution Examples;
  • Integrate Coverholder Bordereaux information into your underwriting systems 
  • An API to integrate two different types of technology.
  • Push information from your back office to your accounts system.
  • Produce instant on-line quotes, issue documents and then push the data into your back office systems.
  • A portal that gives your  sub agents certain allowable information from your office administration system.
  • Add on new software modules that integrate and automate one or more processes.
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For Instance:

Do you receive bordereau from sub-agents or send bordereau to insurers and is this a manual process - so you are having to re-key information? If so, our interfaces can automate this process which ultimately saves you time and omits the opportunity for errors. This solution will also include a level of data enrichment and cleansing to ensure insurers receive quality data. By automating administration processes, your staff can concentrate on customer care and generating new business.

Broker Business Intelligence


Can you report on and make sense of all your data? If you want to gain better insight then IDM can help!

A bespoke business intelligence solution can interrogate your databases and provide new sales opportunities and assist with product development, beyond the static reporting option available from standard vendor policy administration systems. Your databases offer a wealth of information to make decisions on your customer base in terms of;

• customer profile,
• claims, 
• attrition rates, 
• up-selling and cross-selling, to mention a few.

For Instance;
IDM can produce an entity relationship diagram of your data to give you the knowledge to identify useful management information to help you grow your business. We can help you understand your data structures and setup reporting tools so you can design your own bespoke management information reports. You can then extract the information you require from your system(s) databases as and when required.

Bespoke Broker Software Development

Bespoke Software Design

Our lead consultants are from a software design and development background within the insurance industry. We have experience in providing complete bespoke software solutions which will fit around your business processes and requirements, complementing existing systems and even interfacing disparate applications. 

Typical applications have included:

  • Scheme Software - allowing brokers to create and maintain the special schemes which they have negotiated with the insurers.
  • Quotation Modules - allowing insurers to enter quotation details for particular lines of business.
  • Claims Software - insurance claims handling managing the processes from the point when the claim is raised to settlement.

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We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your needs by offering a free evaluation of your requirements. Our lead consultants have experience in helping brokers and insurance companies create simple to use integration systems that eliminate routine administration procedures and save you money.

There is no cost for this initial consultation - click here to arrange your free review.