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Over the past 25 years we have built a strong background in helping Insurance Companies, Brokers and intermediaries mitigate the risk and reduce the costs associated with data migration projects. 

We have successfully delivered in excess of 100 data migrations which have ranged from large scale complex migrations merging multiple systems for leading Lloyds insurance companies and syndicates to smaller conversions for independent brokers and software houses. A selection of these are described below:



lloyds.jpgBusiness Need
In 2007 Insurance Data Migrations (IDM) was appointed to migrate data from a number of legacy systems to a bespoke state of the art Microsoft-based underwriting system.

Previously, the client had had a number of failed attempts in migrating the data for phase one, so there was a level of anxiety as result of project overruns. They had tried several times to extract data from their legacy system, each time not quite meeting the standards required to execute the migration and as a result communication and motivation within the team had also become difficult.

The Client
The client is one of the largest independent (re)insurers operating in the Lloyd’s market. Offering insurance and reinsurance around the world, the group employs over 1700 professionals in seven different countries. As of 31st December 2012, net assets stood at £1.5bn. It was seeking to offer customers better service and reduce operating costs by upgrading and rationalising the operating systems used to support its business.


BUPA GLOBAL HEALTHCARE - Data Migration, System Integraton and Database Development

bupa-logo.jpgDelivering better customer service and products to market faster for BUPA

BUPA is a major health organisation with a turnover of £3.7 billion, operating in 8 countries. Across this large organisation legacy applications stored valued data that had been siloed, impacting its transparency. Access to this data was limited, and the ability to extract and analyse it was timely and costly.

IDM have carried out two migrations for BUPA working with two separate specialist divisions in BUPA's Manchester and London offices.

The first migration at BUPA Manchester office involved extracting large amounts of financial information from a legacy Oracle database. We then worked closely with BUPA’s in-house team to clean, manipulate the data and load it into the target system.

The second migration at BUPA’s London offices was a redesign of an MS Access database which was used for recording Health Fact Sheet Review Information. Most of the work was performed remotely except for the projects initial analysis and group presentation/workshop meetings where one to one contact with the subject matter Experts was essential in gathering the requisite knowledge as well as building good working relations with the relevant people.

The front and back ends of the database were redesigned to allow the user to produce the first and subsequent reviews of a Fact Sheet on the same report. The original data was then migrated into the new database along with the new report templates which had been specified. Both of these projects where successfully completed due to the collaborative team effort between ourselves and BUPA staff.

We also completed a successful data integration project for BUPA. This consisted of creating new data interfaces and amending existing ones which took data from the BUPA hospitals and loaded it into the back office administration systems. The interfaces were in the form of UNIX shell scripts which checked for new files every five minutes, once the files were present they were copied across servers and the data was loaded into the target system. The files were then archived and details were written to a log file.

Centralisation of this data created greater operational efficiencies and allowed BUPA to bring products to market faster improving their competitiveness and ability to improve customer care.




ssp_sub_top.gifSSP is a leading international technology provider for the insurance and financial sectors. With more than 40,000 users in over 50 countries, they are dedicated to long-term business advantage through complete solutions & services.


SSP recognised that the best way to deliver a solution on time and within budget was to use a data migration specialist with expertise in their system and the Insurance Services Market. Having carried out numerous large scale insurance migrations to their systems in the past we have a successful track record with SSP. On this occasion we were asked to review and improve the existing modules which were used to migrate data from competitors systems. The majority of the work involved writing an extension to an existing module to migrate Household Risk information. This added major value to new customers because it meant that the broker could quite quickly get to the point of renewing household policies from day one.

We improved the routines used to migrate private car information, adding various ABI look-ups, again to give the customer more complete information straight after go-live. We visited customer sites to extract sample data and performed tests to ensure that the migration modules were fully functional. We then wrote technical documents describing the new functionality and hosted meetings to hand over the work to the technical staff and migration consultants at the end of the project.


Willis Commercial Broker Network - Data Migration

logo.gifWillis Networks comprise of the Willis Commercial Network and Willis N². The Willis Networks are thriving partnerships between independent UK insurance brokers, the Willis Group and a panel of leading insurers. The Willis Commercial Network members are Independent General Insurance Brokers that handle between £5m to £25m GWP of predominantly Commercial Lines Business.

Originally all members of the Willis Commercial Network used the Grapevine system. During 2002 the strategic decision was made by SSP to gradually migrate all Willis brokers from Grapevine to a brand new system called Insight, which was based on an Oracle database.

There were around 80 Willis brokers and their was to be migrated at the rate of one to two brokers per week. So the requirement was to build a robust Migration Module which could be reused quickly and easily for each site. Due to the nature of the data on Grapevine the module would have to profile the insurers and risk classes for each site, then allow the migration consultant to configure the mapping tables for that particular migration. The data involved was a mix of Commercial & Personal Lines, Clients, Policies, Risk details and Claims details. We also migrated large amounts of Policy Schedules and general documents which were held in MS Word format. This involved developing a Module which would load each schedule into MS Word, merge the data from the Grapevine system, attach a new MS Word template, then save the document as an Insight document.


CIA Broker Data Migration for SSP

experts_in_bike_insurance_logo.gifCIA Insurance is an independent intermediary specialising in niche areas of the general insurance market. CIA Insurance currently services motorbike, let property insurance, commercial insurance, car insurance, household insurance, holiday travel insurance and business van insurance clients throughout the UK, and is now considered one of the top Motorcycle Insurance brokers in the UK market.

CIA operated their specialist motorcycle insurance broker services on the MISOFT system. Insurance Data Migrations worked with CIA to successfully migrate the company’s data this was in excess of half a million clients, policies, risk details, driver details, claims and convictions. The existing system held ABI codes at all levels. So once migrated the users were able to re-quote with minimum effort on most policies. The data-profiling, cleansing, migration development and testing for this migration took place over three months.

Our expert knowledge of the insurance industry and sound data migration methodology enabled us to carry out the majority of this work remotely at Insurance Data Migrations head office. Once complete we went on-site and migrated all of the data over one weekend. To ensure the least amount of disruption to the business we used a number of hardware and software techniques to perform a live migration, keeping processing time down to a minimum.


System Integration Module for SSP & AGE CONCERN

Integration Module for Age Concern age-concern-logo.jpg

We were commissioned to design and develop an integration module which was going to be used for a period of twelve months to migrate client, policy and household risk information from one insurer to another. On a daily basis the integration module would be run to pick up the policies that were due for renewal up to that day. 

The information was imported in the form of CSV files, the system then transformed this data and stored the records in a database. If any issues were found during the migration the records in question were written to an exception file which could then be examined later. After migration the system archived the files and wrote entries to a logfile, detailing information from the migration; such as the number of clients and policies etc.

During the project we liaised closely with the underwriting staff to ensure that the system was going to be completely robust before handing the integration module over to the operational staff. The integration module ran without a problem for the full twelve months.



Grapevine Software Ltd. was an independent software house with a comprehensive back office system most suited to commercial and schemes insurance intermediaries. It integrated with the Quotel ITT personal lines quotation engine to cater for the personal lines requirements of their customer base.  

Over 100+ Broker Migrations

During his time at Grapevine Paul Johnson (Now Managing Director IDM) was responsible for all migrations to and from the Grapevine system. Over 100 migrations were performed over a period of around ten years. During this time data was migrated from most of the leading broker systems; Misys (now Open GI), MCS, Policymaster, CDL, Electra, Broker Pak and ACT, to name but a few.   Typical data migrations would include, clients, policies, personal lines, commercial lines, financial, documents and claims. Paul not only designed and developed the migration modules, he also performed the migrations on broker sites, travelling nationwide in the process ensuring each clients’ records and details where migrated smoothly and accurately to support their business. 

Tailored Software Development

At the point of moving onto Grapevine Software the majority of clients required not only data migrations but also tailored software development requirements which Grapevine was happy to fulfil.  Paul Johnson (now managing director of IDM) was the hands-on development manager who project managed all of the bespoke software projects for brokers and executed all of the data migrations.

System Integration - QUOTEL & NORTHPARK

For instance the design and development of the interfaces which allowed the Grapevine system to integrate with the Quotel and Northpark personal lines quotation systems.

The interfaces typically transferred details from the quotes engines into the back office system, creating clients, policies and risk details. Risks could then be amended using bespoke screens in the back office system. Risk details were then transferred back into the quotes engines when the user wanted to perform a mid-term adjustment or re-quote renewal. An automatic renewal re-quote interface was developed which allowed brokers to automatically re-quote all policies between given dates.

Integration Module - Britannia Insurance Brittania Building Society th926X2UY1.jpg

Another example was a bespoke software project which integrated into the Grapevine system was the Britannia Building Society module. The module allowed Britannia users to capture household risk information for the household policies which were sold alongside Britannia mortgages, the users could then quote on this information, using tables which were maintained by Britannia. This linked to a BACS module, written by Paul, which allowed Britannia to collect Direct Debit payments from customers bank accounts.



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