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Leverage Our Specialist Expertise

IDM deliver specialist data migration services for insurance software houses and consultancies.  Using our expertise, proven methodology and knowledge of insurance legacy systems we can seamlessly improve the quality and de- risk converting your clients' data to your system.  Outsourcing data migration tasks to IDM specialists can thus save your company time and resources to focus on software development.

Valued Benefits

Options for Insurance Software Houses

IDM have lots of experience in delivering successful data migrations on behalf of Insurance Software Houses' who have benefited from IDM's services to;

  • supply specialised data migration services to their clients on a project by project basis,
  • have on hand, reliable access to additional data migration resources and expertise to cope during busy periods,
  • outsource all data migration services for the purposes of saving costs but also gaining access to operational best practice that could be time consuming to develop in-house.

Here are a couple of options of how IDM can deliver data migration services;

  • Project Team - to the client IDM is not a separate entity, working seamlessly together with no transparency.
  • Referral Basis -  IDM manage the data migration from beginning to end communicating and invoicing the client directly.

IDM will work with your staff, clients and partners as part of a team and are technically equipped to work remotely from IDM's head office based in Chelmsford, Essex.  For complex projects IDM have also in the past deployed specialised teams to work on-site for the time required.  IDM's objectives are always to complete each project successfully in a timely and cost effective manner.  

Which ever option, regardless of the size of requirements IDM can either work on a competitively priced daily rate or on a fixed price basis.

A  Planned Transition to Your Software Platform

IDM can as a rule accurately estimate the required resources and costs for data migration projects based on experience of previous projects with the proviso that the key deliverables and dependencies are scoped thoroughly; i.e.

softteam2.png (1)
  • Timescales, objectives and budget
  • Requirements of all stakeholders
  • Structure, volume and quality of the data and cleansing required
  • Source and target system analysis including any changes planned for the target system
  • Other; i.e. planned development, continuous EDI, MIB extracts etc..

Using IDM's data migration services will lower your overheads and will also give you access to over 27 years worth of successful data migrations in the Insurance Sector giving your clients peace of mind. 

Ensuring Your Clients Data Integrity

IDM have knowledge of personal, commercial and binder management data and processes at a granular level including financials and have overcome many different challenges and pitfalls in converting from one insurance system to another.

Combine this with experience in migrating and integrating insurance data from multiple systems and across multi sites (i.e. for Broker Networks and Pan European Insurers).  This knowledge and the trusted techniques and solutions developed to overcome complex issues and potential risks is second to none.