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Insurance Data Migrations


May 17

On Demand Migration Solution


We are excited to release our On Demand Migration Solution (ODMS)  Which enables Brokers, MGAs and Insurers to configure and initiate a data migration on demand, typically on a weekly or monthly basis ahead of renewal. The solution fully migrates all clients, policies and risks, is ideal for Personal Lines with Open Market EDI schemes but can be used for Any Line of Business. 




Please download the pdf for a full list of the features and benefits and a diagramatic explanation of the tool.

Efficient & Time Saving

No need to manually input each policy or incur the expenses, inconveniences or the risks of user errors. Simply select the policy or date range to be migrated and the solution takes care of the rest automatically.

21st Century Insurance Solution

Web interface using the latest Microsoft technologies, which can sit on your architecture, our data centre or an Azure Cloud. Unlike other legacy migration solutions the ODMS was built from the ground up to move insurance data to and from insurance systems.

Quick & Easy to Use

Intuitive interface which walks the user through the migration process step by step. Data can be chosen by date range or by selecting specific policies. Checks against valid ABI Codes before it is submitted. Reconciliation checks compare against renewals list ensuring all policies have been migrated to prove the process.

Cost Effective & Secure

Initial set up followed by monthly license fee, which includes full support, for the period of use. Secure user authentication and minimal data held within the solution preventing the risk of data breach.

Supports Strategic Initiatives

Reasons for data migration can vary but common causes in the insurance sector include system modernisation, implementation of new packages, and system consolidation following mergers or acquisitions.

Electra M3 to Open GI

This solution is fully functional and has already been successful in migrating from Electra M3 to Open GI, this covers clients, policies and risk details for Motor and Household.

Flexible in Terms of Dates, Lines of Business, Source & Target System Combinations

Execute migrations on a flexible on-demand basis, - simply choose from / to dates. By migrating on a weekly or monthly basis ahead of renewal allows the user to renew each policy onto the new system. The framework can also easily be configured to migrate from and too other system combinations.

Clear Visibility & Auditability

Client dashboard shows details of all migrations runs, which you can drill down into to see exactly what was migrated in each run providing a full audit trail. Granular Policy Data from each migration run can be exported from the solution into MS Excel.

Avoids EDI Challenges

By migrating on renewal with this on-demand migration solution you avoid the issue with migrating EDI policies during the policy term. When EDI policies are migrated during a policy term the EDI count for the policy must be kept intact, this is a challenge depending on which systems you are migrating too and from. The ODMS gives you an alternative solution, without the need for a manual re-key.

Trusted Brand & First Class Support

A leading specialist in Insurance Data Solutions with 30 years’ success in conversions to and from all major insurance software and bespoke systems. Knowledgeable support staff are available 24/7/365 to assist if required.



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