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Insurance Data Migrations

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In the light of new regulatory regimes and business demands, customer data is a key strategic asset in today’s competitive world.

With more insurance mergers and acquisitions, having multiple legacy systems with poor data quality increases costs and can put companies on the back foot when dealing with customers and assessing risk.  This is where Insurance Data Migrations (IDM) can help in reconciling your data challenges.


Increase Your Operational Efficiency

Mergers, acquisitions and consolidation has left many insurance companies with numerous legacy systems and products that are used to support their business. As specialists in understanding insurance data, systems and processes IDM can help you reduce costs and increase operational efficiency and by improving data quality you will enhance your ability to make accurate business decisions. 


Brokers & MGA's

Proven Data Migration Options

In order to drive sales, brokers need quality data to provide a personalised service. Your accumulated data is a key asset and an invaluable resource which can all be integrated and/or migrated to upgrade your software systems. It can enable you to encourage loyalty, advocacy and also identify new opportunities to build your business with reporting tools to gain insight and make sense of your data.


Software Vendors

Leverage Our Specialist Expertise

IDM deliver specialist data migration services for insurance software houses and consultancies.  Using our expertise, proven methodology and knowledge of insurance legacy systems we can seamlessly improve the quality and de- risk converting your clients' data to your system.  Outsourcing data migration tasks to IDM specialists can thus save your company time and resources to focus on software development.


Streamline Your Systems, Focus on Data Quality and Enhance Your Business Intelligence

Insurance Data Migrations (IDM) are specialists in migrating, cleansing, consolidating, reconciling and making sense of insurance data from client details down to risks, claims, financial information and bordereaux.

IDM’ data solutions will make it easier for you to achieve accurate, up to date data and improve the efficiency of your business. By focusing on data quality this will enhance your decision-making ability and increase your agility to provide the right products to your customers faster and more effectively.

IDMs proven expertise of insurance data and legacy systems also enables them to assist clients in producing accurate, real-time data to help produce reports and make business decisions. For instance in formats relevant for business intelligence, Solvency II and catastrophe modelling requirements.



  • Large Personal Lines Broker Monthly Migration
    Household, private car and commercial vehicle
  • Commercial Lines Broker Migration for Rural 
    Agricultural - farm motors and farm insurance
  • Regis Aim Migration 
    Commercial combined including accounts
  • Large Personal Lines Broker Migration
    Monthly Renewals private car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle
  • Large Personal Lines Broker Migration
    Monthly renewals - household, motor, travel and bank details
  • Direct Debit Migration for leading Lloyds Insurer Full Direct Debit migration inclusive of Clients, Brokers, Policies, Plans, Mandates, Banks Details & Audit History. Extracting data from an external application onto a bespoke (in progress) internal system. Performance of data cleansing, enrichment & transformation of source data as well as working closely with the client to provide input into the final target system design.


  • MI Conduct Risk Initiative for a leading Lloyds Insurer - Extracting data from various systems; underwriting, binder management, complaints and claim de-clinature databases. Producing repeatable MI in Tableau a data visualisation tool providing client experience and product portfolio insight for both open market and delegated authority.
  • Bordereaux Processing and MI for Buddies Pet InsuranceTaking raw data from Open GI and producing complex bordereaux by year of account. Also delivering Business Intelligence using triangulations and Tableau which is a data visualisation solution.
  • Self Service Claims Bordereaux for LocktonAllowing users to import Insurer Bordereaux directly using our Cloud interface. Users can define the data for import and map its contents to one or many target systems using our mapping management solution. Data is validated, cleansed and transformed within SQL Server before extraction to the Target System/Client.
  • Improving Data Quality to significantly mitigate the risks of Reporting and Catastrophe Modelling errors for a leading Lloyds Insurer - Ensuring accurate, complete and consistent data by implementing a Data Quality Framework around underwriting systems for admin. teams to monitor and improve data quality. We are also producing dashboards using Tableau data visualisation to highlight data quality issues and improve incoming bordereaux in their BDX binder management system. 

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