Success Stories

To assist prospective customers the following success stories describe real client situations & issues and the solutions and benefits IDM have delivered.

Client Confidentiality and Privacy

We respect the privacy of our clients and by maintaining their anonymity we can better outline the common data issues and challenges faced by business experts in the Insurance Industry. Our testimonials are unedited comments taken direct from our clients.

Pan European Insurance Binder Management Migration

Client Business Issue

A pan-European insurer, with multiple branches, had a binder contract business accounting for a significant proportion of its premium income, yet its delegated authorities provided bordereaux data in a variety of formats.

Every branch had unique binder management systems that not only recorded binder management information, but also cover holders, underwriter visits and financial reviews. As a consequence, they had no way of reporting on binder business across the group, as it was dis-jointed. This created divergent processes and data capture standards that restricted reporting capabilities and the alignment of client service standards. The narrow focus of such single-system reports allowed only a small piece of information to be seen at any one time. To realise the full potential of their information, the client needed to unify data across each of its branches systems.

Client Value Received

Once a binder management solution had been chosen. IDM was appointed to migrate, consolidate and transform the data from each of the heterogeneous systems to provide a single view of the data. Complexities included mapping and merging data in different formats from 6 diverse systems—with a large amount of cleansing as a result of the inconsistent data capture standards. Additionally, IDM supplied new business rules to allow integration between the new binder management solution and the existing underwriting systems.

As a result of the migration the new binder management system could now provide essential information, and an up-to-date management information report spanning 7 years. This could be produced quickly with significantly fewer data errors.

Motorcycle Insurance Broker Migrates Their Back Office

Client Business Issue

A specialist motorcycle insurance brokers 25 year old legacy back-office system had 1.7 million quotes and policies, together with motorcycle details and accounts. IDM were hired to migrate the data in a particularly short window as the project commenced in the run-up to the start of the motorcycle renewal season. Increasing the complexity was the fact that the client also ran a busy call centre.

Client Value Received

After client meetings and a detailed analysis of the data, IDM agreed to migrate the last 18 month’s worth of policies and the last 12 months’ worth of quotes. Modules were written to migrate these policies/quotes, the associated customer records, motorcycle/driver/convictions/accidents, client accounts and outstanding diary entries.

Many of the motorcycle policies were transacted using EDI, so a key requirement was to ensure that the client could transact these policies seamlessly after the transition to the new system. Migrating the EDI counts for each policy and obtaining sign off from the relevant insurers ensured a successful outcome.

The migration took ten weeks, with the live migration successfully completing over an evening. The client stopped using their legacy system at 4pm and the new system was ready to use by 9am the following morning.

Phased Data Migrations for Leading Lloyds Insurer

Client Business Issue

A leading Lloyd’s insurer had a five-year plan to migrate multiple lines of business from various legacy systems to a new bespoke underwriting system. Previously, they had had a number of failed attempts in migrating the data for phase one, so there was a level of anxiety as the project needed to complete.

Client Value Received

The first phase involved IDM working with the client’s key stakeholders to migrate a book of Motor Fleet policies, these comprised of around 140,000 clients and policies, 300,000 claims, 300,000 vehicles and financials dating back to 1993.

The second phase was to migrate the Liability book and take data from multiple legacy systems. The second phase went live ten months after the first, and this required IDM to merge the Liability data into the live Fleet data from phase one. By undertaking a client and broker mapping exercise in parallel to the migration, this ensured that the number of duplicate clients and brokers created in the target system were kept to a minimum.

The third phase involved migrating the client’s Property book. This phase was much larger as the property data was taken from three legacy systems and merged into the already live Fleet and Liability data from phase 1 & 2.

In all three phases IDM were involved in the end-to-end process, analysing the data, developing the migration modules and testing the information alongside the insurer’s business users. The end result was IDM reconciling the data with the client’s statistics department.

With a single view of these lines of business, this leading insurer has lowered their operating costs and offers a faster and more satisfying client service.

Broker Network Migration for Insurance Software Vendor

Client Issue

This software vendor made a strategic decision to upgrade 80 members of a leading broker network from an aging 20 year old system to a modern Oracle based platform. The task was to perform a comprehensive migration for each broker, transferring as much data from the old systems to the new systems as possible at the rate of 1 to 2 brokers per week.

Client Value Received

Our carefully planned phased approach and expert resources ensured that the broker network was migrated successfully.  Each migration consisted of customer, policy, risk, claims, documents and financial information which meant that the clients were able to move seamlessly from the old system to the new system. The Broker Network and Software Vendor both gained a positive experience from a business efficiency perspective. 

A Richer Data Set Enhances Catastrophe Modelling

Client Issue

A leading Lloyd’s Insurer’s Catastrophe Modelling Team were receiving poor data quality, from 5 underwriting systems and a bordereaux from cover holders. The process of modelling the data was time consuming as the Risk Modellers had to reformat the data before it could be imported into their Risk Link Modelling System.

Client Value Received

To start with IDM reformatted this property data from the underwriting systems into a Risk link format by building new extracts to Risk Link. Data Quality issues were resolved through, de-duplication, address cleansing, occupation mapping and assigning country codes. This allowed a greater number of risks to be imported into the Risk Link Model, allowing more to be geo-coded. Prior to IDMs involvement many of the risks were excluded. Thus, saving the Catastrophe Risk Modellers more than 10 days a quarter and enabling the underwriters to make better decisions.

Insurance Software Vendor Recruits IDM’s Specialist Expertise

Client Issue

As a result of increased sales a leading UK insurance software vendor was under pressure to resource their new clients’ data migration requirements. A lack of specialist data migration resources meant that they had to stretch their in- house development team. In order to offer its clients quality data migrations and a more positive experience the Software Vendor made a strategic decision to seek out data migration specialists.

Client Value Received

The Software Vendor therefore approached IDM to explore partnership opportunities. IDM quickly got to grips with the Software Vendors relational database system and business processes. A successful trail migration allowed the Software Vendor to gain sufficient confidence and reassurance that IDM could improve for their clients the efficiency and effectiveness of data migrations to their platform. IDM therefore were awarded 6 insurance broker data migrations to be completed over the following 6 months.